CCNP Journey: My Why

I may not do a whole journey but I have always been inspired by AJ and Tim on their CCNP journeys so I thought I'd start documenting mine so far along with some technical bits into it. Their journeys were an exciting "nail-biter" when spectating on Twitter and/or the AONE Discord. Let's begin why I... Continue Reading →

Labbing: Networking Edition

I promised I'd get a bit more technical with these blog posts. Can't have a person in tech with a blog or YouTube channel without mentioning a homelab now can we?! I love homelabs as it's where we build and sharpen our IT skillset before and during any IT role. As my previous posts, you... Continue Reading →

So you want to become a Network Engineer?

Routers, switches, firewalls, VLANs, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS, fiber optics, and those beautifully cabled rooms with the blinking lights. Being the "overlord" of a company's entire network and influencing its routing and switching for not just its end users but also for all the servers, applications, and connectivity to the public clouds such as Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Move up or Move out

So you just got into a role and you want to quickly move up? Or maybe you've been in a role for a while and feel like you've mastered it. Ready for the next step? In this post I'll giving you guidance on how to effectively move up in your current role or move out.... Continue Reading →

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